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Do you have a curiosity about how MediaMonkey can look and how much you can do to its famous customization?

Perhaps you want to know more about extensions and how they enhance MediaMonkey's vast features?

Or maybe you are interested in downloading some new toys to play with while enjoying it?

You want to satisfy your curiosity in tweaking your MediaMonkey to its limits and expand your experience?

Welcome to the website that will show you what MediaMonkey is meant for!

Kernel Streaming Output v3.63.0.0 (Beta) Kernel Streaming Output Details
Category: Sound \ Sound Drivers (Output)
Added (2018-10-16 21:33:01) by  Pavle Lacarac
Kernel Streaming Output Plugin ImageThis plugin Adds Kernel Streaming support for MMW for some cards.
Lyricator v1.4.1.1 Lyricator Details
Category: Organize \ Metadata Lookup
Updated (2018-04-23 22:52:21) by  Gregg Anderson
Lyricator Plugin ImageLyricator is a plugin for MediaMonkey 4.x that searches online sources of song lyrics for selected tracks in the user’s library, allows editing of the lyrics on the fly, then saves the lyrics to the ID3 tags. See the forum for credit to previous developers (das Monkey, G-DIABLO, Owyn, and SquirrelScript).
CustomFieldsTagger v1.0.3.0 CustomFieldsTagger Details
Category: Organize \ Tag Fixers
Updated (2018-03-24 22:51:32) by  Pavle Lacarac
CustomFieldsTagger Plugin ImageThis script helps you to quickly tag your custom fields. In the context menu of the selected tracks, for the fields where this is enabled in the options, you get a list with possible values from which you can select. You can (dis)allow the use of multiple values per field. Values that are not yet used can be added manually to the field, as the selection list is dynamically updated and shows only values that are used in MM.
Last.fm Scrobbler v1.1.0.41 (Beta) Last.fm Scrobbler Details
Category: Playback \ Player
Updated (2018-02-12 16:31:24) by  Pavle Lacarac
Last.fm Scrobbler Plugin ImageThe Last.FM Scrobbler lets you use the last.fm service to find people with similar musical tests and get personalized music recommendations. To learn more visit www.last.fm
Lyrics and Comment Viewer v2.2.0.0 Lyrics and Comment Viewer Details
Category: Playback
Updated (2017-12-20 08:37:05) by  Pavle Lacarac
Lyrics and Comment Viewer Plugin ImageThis script creates a dockable panel which shows id3v2 embedded Lyrics AND/OR Comment. It is based on DiddeLeeDoo's Lyrics Dockable Panel v1.52 script, who gave me permission to use his code and also uses MonkeyRok's localization and theme/language file auto-discovering functions, with permission of his author, trixmoto. Thank you guys!
Open in SPEK v1.0.0.1 Open in SPEK Details
Category: Playback \ Player
Updated (2017-10-03 11:56:57) by  Pavle Lacarac
Open in SPEK Plugin ImageOpen SPEK Spectrometer for currently playing track
bigNowPlaying v1.4.0.0 bigNowPlaying Details
Category: Playback \ Player
Updated (2017-09-27 17:01:10) by  Pavle Lacarac
bigNowPlaying Plugin ImageA Big NowPlaying Window
Single/Continuous play and Delay Before/After play v1.2.0.0 Single/Continuous play and Delay Before/After play Details
Category: Playback \ Player
Added (2017-08-03 08:18:10) by  Pavle Lacarac
Single/Continuous play and Delay Before/After play Plugin ImageSingle/Continuous is equivalent to what is found on professional CD players. With Single On the focus stays on the same song in the Play Now list, without advancing to and start of the next song. This comes in handy for dance instructors so they can play the same song over and over again. With Repeat or Continuous the same song will be played in a loop, over and over again like auto repeat. Optionally with a delay. Delay before or after playing is partly based on Silence between songs. The difference is that the delay/silence is within the time-frame of the song. So when you press play the selected song will be played after the delay or the delay is added after the music ends before advancing to the next song. This way it can be combined with shuffle and Repeat. The delay before is very handy for dance instructors as this gives them time to walk over to the dance floor. Its identical to a timer for a camera shot, giving you time to take place in front of the camera. The delay time and Before/After is settable from the toolbar.
EDCast Plugin For MediaMonkey v3.2.8.93 EDCast Plugin For MediaMonkey Details
Category: Other
Updated (2017-02-28 17:44:37) by  Pavle Lacarac
EDCast Plugin For MediaMonkey Plugin ImageFamous OddSock plugin is Now Available in MediaMonkey.

This is IceCast2 Plugin for streaming to Shoutcast/IceCast servers.

After Installation read OddcastV3.chm from MediaMonkeyPluginsDocs Folder for more help info.

HINT: In order to make plugin work correctly please select Direct sound output in MediaMonkey as WASAPI plug can make problems
Jump to file v1.1.2.9 Jump to file Details
Category: Find Music \ Search
Updated (2017-02-05 13:23:44) by  kacso
Jump to file Plugin ImageScript for Media Monkey that simulates Winamp jump to file option with few extra options. With this script you can search within entire libary, nowplaying list or any local playlist, play selected song and you can make your on queue list. You are not limited only on your local database, with this addon You can easy download songs from Youtube.